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Hanging product
Placing stoppers in product holes
Taping product
Hanging product
Placing stoppers in product holes
Aluminum anodizing colors

Sulfuric Acid per Mil-A-8625, Type II, Class 1 & 2

  • Excellent decorative coating that is transparent and easily colored
  • Good abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Non-conductive and non-toxic coating

Hardcoat Anodize per Mil-A-8625, Type III, Class 1 & 2

Hardcoat dyed Black
Hardcoat w/ plugging
Hardcoat w/ Teflon
Hardcoat Black w/ Teflon
Hardcoat Black/plug/Teflon
Teflon Impregnation
  • Superb abrasion resistance - Rc 65 to 70
  • Excellent thickness control form .0005" to .002"
  • High dielectric strength - 1000VDC per .001" thickness
  • Excellent for salvaging machined aluminum parts
  • Can be Teflon impregnated (Kenkote) - Food grade PTFE also available
  • Available in Natural and Black colors

Chromate Conversion Coating per Mil-C-5541, Class 1A & 3

Chromate (also known as Iridite and Alodine)
  • Clear and Yellow Chromate available
  • Good corrosion resistance - Poor abrasion resistance
  • Excellent paint base - does not build-up tolerances
  • Electrically conductive coating
  • ROHS compliant chromate
  • Hexavalent
  • Mil spec DTL 5541 Type I hexavalent
  • Type II nonhexavalent

Cleaning and Etching of Aluminum

Cleaning and/or etching of aluminum

Stripping of Hardcoat, Sulfuric Anodize or Chromate Conversion

Stripping of Hardcoat, Sulfuric Anodize or Chromate

Close Tolerance Masking of Parts

With or without Hardcoat

Certified by the following companies:

  • Honeywell
  • National Computer Systems
  • Cray Research
  • Rosemount Aerospace
  • Fisher-Rosemount
  • Woodward Governor
  • Data Card
  • Garrett Airresearch
  • Loral
  • Martin Marietta
  • Boeing Aircraft
  • Others available upon request