Customer testimonials about Hard Imaging


“We wanted a modern look to our product that we didn’t feel conventional screen printing or painting could deliver.  When we came across Hardcoat Inc. with their Hard Imaging technology we felt we had found exactly what we were looking for.  The combination of unlimited design options and the durability of an anodized surface was the perfect combination for our water-sports application.”

Mission LLC


“Because of Hard Coats Hard Imaging process, we have successfully found a solution that would give the most robust finish regarding quality, performance, and cost efficiency. During my research on the aluminum color coatings out in the market, I have come upon a lot of options. While most of them were good, I have found the perfect product for our company needs. Compared to the other products I saw, I found that Hard Imaging is the best and met all our qualifications for a tough, durable, full color coating that stands up to the abuse of the bicycle hub.

The Hard Imaging is an excellent quality, very efficient, and very effective product. I strongly recommend the Hard Imaging solution for your full color anodizing needs.”

Onyx Racing Products